Dev Patel on 'Lion': To "Just Be an Everyman, a Modern 20-Something-Year-Old Guy, Meant a Lot" | Actor Oscar Roundtable

"You have to take on the mold because that's all there is to break the mold, and you can push the bar a little bit in that space."

"I don't get roles like [Lion], ever," Dev Patel told The Hollywood Reporter during the Actor Oscar Roundtable. "To be able to say such words of gravitas and not be pandering to someone else, or playing a sort of tech geek. It was a transformative journey."

In the film, Patel tells the true story of a man separated from his Indian family as a boy and adopted by Australian parents (played by Nicole Kidman and David Wenham).

"It's something I could relate to about someone who's suppressed his culture and a part of himself for a while to try and fit in, and then all of a sudden having those memories come back," said the actor. "When I first went to India for Slumdog [Millionaire] (Patel's breakout role in the Oscar-winning Danny Boyle film), it was a light-bulb moment, and those cliches I had of the country and the people, it kind of was all dispersed straight away."

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