Developing Franken's next act


With Al Franken's political career hanging in recount limbo, his entertainment future remained equally uncertain Wednesday.

Insiders debated what Franken's next step would be should he not unseat Republican Norm Coleman as a U.S. senator from Minnesota.

"I think his (run) has helped, not hurt, him in terms of an entertainment career," said Craig Minassian, a TV consultant and former Bill Clinton aide.

Franken lost Tuesday by fewer than 500 votes in his three-man race, triggering an automatic recount. Franken said Wednesday that he will see the recount fight to its conclusion.

Even if he loses, he could return to the Hollywood career he had put on hold for the past 20 months. Franken is still repped by WMA; among his current projects is the feature comedy "Don't Send Help," a script he co-wrote that's set up at Fox.