DeVon Franklin, Meagan Good, Marlon Wayans and More Participate in #OccupyCityHall Movement

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Members of Hollywood urged on social media for people to come support the movement at 2 p.m. in downtown Los Angeles.

DeVon Franklin, Meagan Good and Marlon Wayans were among the members of Hollywood who participated in the #OccupyCityHall movement alongside Black Lives Matter demonstrators on Sunday afternoon in downtown Los Angeles. They were joined by Tina Knowles-Lawson and actors Terrence Jenkins, Frances Fisher, Kimberly Elise, Omar Epps, Keisha Epps, Kendrick Sampson, Affion Crockett, who urged others to come out to the Los Angeles City Hall and support.

"I participated as a way to be part of producing a peaceful solution to the debilitating violence impacting our country," said Franklin in a statement to THR. "The bridge between the community, law enforcement and Hollywood is critical, and we just want to help bring awareness to the issues and highlight productive solutions that can bring about the peace we all desperately need right now."

“My only desire is to do my part and to be used in any way possible to help bring about change that is not only desperately needed, but literally a life or death matter," added Good in a statement. A video posted on Instagram shows Good alongside husband Franklin, who spoke during the gathering organized by Steve Jones of Brand Maverick Ent.


Today we occupied LA City Hall & stood alongside Black Lives Matter in solidarity against all of the devastating killings that have taken place &continue to take place. One of the things that has been most frustrating on top of the things that are already horrific,is the narrative that's ensued. All this conversation implying that when people say "black lives matter", that they are some how saying that no other lives matter. THAT IS A LIE. Every single life in existence &every single innocent life that has been taken - Matters. It's important we shift the narrative of making up some story that all black people are militant, w/ no heart &don't care about anybody else but themselves. ITS SIMPLY NOT TRUE. Black lives have been under attack for a long time, we are only now just being able to really see the scope of some of it via social media . And it's just as horrifying that innocent cops -who had nothing to do with these particular instances have lost their lives as well. Blaming every single cop in the world is the same as blaming every single black person in the world for the cops that were killed. All of it is disgusting. We care about EVERYONE. My Father was LAPD for over 20 yrs, acknowledging the lives of young black men & women being carelessly killed like garbage does not negate the fact that we are devastated by the loss of life of public servants -some whom in fact do actually serve and protect daily. The ones who risk their lives and the pain of their own families as well. Nor does it negate the fact that we don't want to see anybody of any gender or nationality lose their life senselessly either! Please understand when people say black lives matter they are saying black lives matter "just as much" because somehow that is not a common notion for some. Please help shift the narrative & support pursuing agendas to bring about solutions & justice so we can stop this from continuing to spiral out of control. So we can put a stop to more innocent lives being taken. We all bleed the same coIor. If we don't come together- this thing is going to get much worse. #Unity #Love James 2:17 So too, faith by itself, if it is not complemented by action, is dead

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The movement was sparked in response to the Los Angeles Police Commission's finding on Tuesday that the fatal shooting of Redel Jones last year was justified. Jones, an African-American woman who matched the description of a robbery suspect, was shot in an alleyway in South Los Angeles after police say she moved towards and officer holding a knife.

According to the Associated Press, about 100 protesters marched from the meeting at police headquarters to the Los Angeles City Hall on Tuesday where they were denied entry by the police. The movement is still in effect, with many of the protesters staying overnight outside the building.

Logan Browning, Boris Kodjo, Nicole Ari Parker, Lance Gross and Eva Marcille were also in attendance. See photos from the gathering below. 

Actors Terrence J (left) and Marlon Wayans speak during the #OccupyCityHall movement on July 17 in Los Angeles. (David Livingston/Getty Images)

Actress Kimberly Elise (center) attends the #OccupyCityHall movement in Los Angeles on July 17. (David Livingston/Getty Images)

Members of Hollywood including Omar and Keisha Epps, Terrence J, Lance Gross, Affion Crockett and Kendrick Sampson hold hands during the #OccupyCityHall movement on July 17 in Los Angeles. (David Livingston/Getty Images)