'Dexter' faces more obstacles in new season

Quinn will be 'going after Dexter more,' Harrington tells THR

How will Showtime's "Dexter" top the Trinity Killer in its upcoming fifth season and how will Michael C. Hall's title character deal emotionally -- and legally -- with the death of his wife?

With Miami Metro's Detective Quinn (Desmond Harrington) highly suspect of Dexter in Rita's (Julie Benz) death, The Hollywood Reporter found out if his character is this season's Detective Doakes -- a former colleague who suspected the same in Season 2.

"[Season 5] is about going after Dexter more but not in such a head-on manner," Harrington told THR. "Quinn does so in more of a circuitous way."

Hall, meanwhile, said Quinn's pursuit will create problems for not only Dexter, but also his foster sister, Deb (Hall's wife, Jennifer Carpenter).

"Is Quinn the new Doakes? In as much as he's an antagonist within the department for Dexter," Hall told THR. "The fact that he's involved with Dexter's foster sister is a brand new wrinkle and I think a lot of what Quinn has in the works as far as pursuing Dexter is more under wraps and under Dexter's nose and therefore more threatening."

"And how [Quinn's pursuit] going to affect Quinn and Deb's relationship, too, because that initial sort of dogged pursuit of Dexter is maybe tempered by the fact that he starts to fall for Dexter's sister," Hall previewed. "I think by the time that happens, certain balls will be in motion that will make it difficult to call the dogs off."

"Dexter's" fifth season premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. on Showtime.