DGA Negotiations Go Into Overtime, Then Pause

Studio talks expected to continue on Monday.

DGA and AMPTP negotiators seem to be struggling a bit. Their third week of talks continued into the weekend, but then discussions broke off Saturday evening. It’s understood that negotiators will be back at work on Monday.

No word on the hang-up; the AMPTP and DGA refused to comment, citing a press blackout. The fact that talks continued into a Saturday may mean that negotiators thought they were close to a deal; the fact that they didn’t then continue into the night or next day may mean that they’re not quite so close after all.

In any case, the existing contract does not expire until June 30.

The current SAG and AFTRA contracts expire the same day. The joint SAG-AFTRA board approved their new contract earlier Saturday, and will be sending it to the combined membership for ratification.

The WGA contract expires two months earlier, on May 1, 2011, but no talks have been scheduled yet.