DGA Nominees — Obsessed With Detail

The DGA nominees make a big impression on the set.

Composer Clint Mansell on Darren Aronofsky
Black Swan
“My work with Darren is just being part of the experience, so when I’m writing, I just let myself go — you have to get lost in what he’s doing.”

Jesse Eisenberg on David Fincher
The Social Network
“I have never seen someone more interested in what they’re doing. David is as interested in the macro aspects of the movie — like what it’s saying about how this generation does business — as the micro, like how the light seeps in through the blinds on the side of the frame.”

Colin Firth on Tom Hooper
The King’s Speech
“Tom was incredibly valuable to me in terms of scoring the stammer and determining how much we felt we could portray in the film. “

Composer Hans Zimmer on Christopher Nolan
“Chris truly treats music and dialogue as equals — he is attuned to the music to a degree I don’t know any other director to be.”

Music supervisor Season Kent on David O. Russell
The Fighter
“David always knew the musical tone he wanted to capture in the film. From The Rolling Stones to Led Zeppelin, he made sure the music was always part of the storytelling. “

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