DGA picks student film winners

Minority and female directors honored

The DGA announced Friday the winners of its 2009 student film awards for African-American, Asian-American, Latino and female directors.

In the African-American category, Rashaad Ernesto Green of NYU ("Premature"), Edward Osei-Gyimah of USC ("Kwame") and Sharon Hill of UCLA ("Shades of Gray") took the prizes.

In the Asian-American category, Theresa Wu of Columbia University ("Smoke and Mirrors"), Edward Kim of UCLA ("To Wander in Pandemonium") and Ken Ochiai of AFI ("Half Kenneth") were the winners.

Antonio Mendez Esparza of Columbia University ("Una y Otra Vez"), David Martin-Porras of UCLA ("Ida y Vuelta") and Jessica McMunn Macias of UCLA ("Soleil") won the Latino category.

And Eliza Subotowicz of Columbia University ("Ben"), Erika Cohn of Chapman University ("When the Voices Fade") and Rebecca Cremona of Art Center College of Design ("Magdalene") took the prizes in the womens category.

All the winning films will be screened and the awards presented in ceremonies at DGA theaters in Los Angeles and New York.

"The DGA is committed to encouraging diversity and highlighting emerging talents in the entertainment industry," said Taylor Hackford, president of the guild. "We wish our awardees all the best and look forward to seeing more of their work in the future."

The awards are designed to honor, encourage and bring attention to outstanding minority and female directors in film schools and select universities across the country. Blue ribbon DGA member panels selected the winners.