DGA President on Hollywood Diversity: "Structural Changes Are Needed"

Directors Guild of America
Paris Barclay

Paris Barclay is addressing the lack of diversity in Hollywood.

On Monday, the Directors Guild of America president called for action in a lengthy statement, saying: "It is time to be clear  structural changes are needed" in the industry.

Barclay's full note is below:

The current Oscar controversy has put a spotlight on a condition that has long shamed this industry: the lack of women and people of color across all aspects of opportunity and employment. The Directors Guild believes that the industry and the community should be responsible for telling all people’s stories and reflecting the diverse lives we lead.

Many times, with the best of intentions, a subject that is a symptom of this industry plague, but not the root cause, is targeted. The Academy's decisions  to broaden its leadership and membership, and to limit voting rights for those no longer active in the industry  are important actions and may lead to greater acknowledgement of more diverse films and people who make them. But this alone will do little to create more choices and get more films and television made that reflect the diversity we all deserve.

Statements, statistics, pleas, and calls for action have done little to move the needle. It is time to be clear  structural changes are needed. Those who control the pipeline and entryway to jobs must move beyond the “old boy” network and word-of-mouth hiring. They must commit to industry-wide efforts to find available diverse talent that is out there in abundance, or to train and create opportunities for new voices entering our industry. Rules must be implemented to open up the hiring process and rethink the idea of "approved lists."

A small handful of executives had spoken of their intentions to improve  none have put forward a clear plan of action. Only when those who control the pipeline decide to individually, or jointly, take concrete action will we see significant change.