Diamond-Encrusted Vapes Selling for $150,000 in Beverly Hills

Diamond-Encrusted Vape - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of Cheryl Shuman/BHCC

Hollywood’s top tokers are indulging in bejeweled pens holding 100 percent organic cannabis oil, while $500-a-piece cannabis-packed cigars, dubbed cannagars, are selling out to the hip-hop crowd.

"The jewels — emeralds, rubies, diamonds — are just so insanely beautiful," says Beverly Hills Cannabis Club founder Cheryl Shuman of the hollowed-out pens formerly owned by Russian czars, refashioned into $150,000 vapes that hold cannabis oil cartridges. Shuman, who estimates 85?percent of her clients are in the industry, offers custom oil blends ranging from $80 to $400 per gram, crafted from 100?percent organic, hand-trimmed cannabis flowers. "The quality of those oils is vitally important," she says. "It’s the difference between drinking Korbel and Cristal."

Shuman also offers $500-apiece cannabis-packed cigars, dubbed cannagars. "It’s like a nice cigar, only with a bit more punch to it," she says. Hand-ground, rolled and laden with half-an-ounce of organic cannabis, cannagars come wrapped in a choice of hemp or tobacco leaf (“especially popular with the hip-hop community, because they like spliffs). Store them in a "cannador" — a handmade cannabis humidor made of carved custom woods (from $500 to $3,000; bhcclub.com). Shuman warns, "Those sell out pretty quickly."

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