This Is the One Beauty Product Diane Keaton Uses Every Day

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Diane Keaton

It's an item we all should consider using on a regular basis, sunny or not.

Diane Keaton may be known for covering up in a variety of hats, but that's not all she does to protect herself from the sun. The award-winning actress counts on L'Oreal Paris Silky Sheer sunscreen for daily sun protection, too. As a skin cancer survivor, Keaton tells Pret-a-Reporter she might not "have had 20 skin cancers had I had sunscreen and took it seriously. When I was growing up, it wasn't even around or discussed. … I'm so protected now. I take vitamin D because you do need some of that."

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Growing up in sunny L.A., Keaton says she'd go to the beach with her family every weekend and just bake in the sun. But after being diagnosed with skin cancer at age 21, the 5 Flights Up star now is committed to putting on sunscreen every day as part of her daily beauty routine, which she says includes "nothing fancy," simply lipstick (L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Glossy Balm in Lovely Mocha is her go-to) and eyeliner.

Keaton, a L'Oreal Paris spokeswoman, also showed her dedication to encouraging everyone to use sunscreen at a L'Oreal Paris and Melanoma Research Alliance event on Wednesday, speaking on a panel with fellow L'Oreal Paris ambassador and actress Genesis Rodriguez and celebrity aesthetician Vanessa Hernandez about the importance of raising awareness of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, and ways of preventing the disease.

One way folks can get involved in spreading awareness? Taking part in the social media campaign called "It's THAT Worth It to Me," which encourages participants to post a photo or 15-second video on social media with the hashtag #ItsTHATWorthIt, explaining why SPF or a sunless tanner is worth it. For every social share posted from now until Sept. 7, L'Oreal Paris will donate $1 to MRA for research.

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When asked what advice she'd give her 20-year-old self during the panel discussion, the 69-year-old laughed and disregarded the question, saying she's only interested in the present and noted, "You've got to put the sunblock on, you've got to go to the dermatologist, you have to take care of yourself and pay attention, and you have to apply it on more than once when you're laying out in the sun."

Clad in a bowler hat, a midnight blue blazer and two layered Miu Miu skirts, Keaton tells us she wanted the bottom half of her outfit to "be wide and pretty because I just saw Gone With the Wind, and I haven't seen it in so long, and when you see it, you can't believe what they're wearing." She adds, "The skirts are literally 20 feet wide, and they're floating and still gorgeous, so I figured I wanted to look like a woman!" It probably didn't hurt that the skirt's many pockets also let her keep her sunscreen nearby, too.