Greta Gerwig, Diane Kruger Fete Women in Film Benefit Event

Getty Images/Courtesy of Barneys
From left: Diane Kruger, Rena Ronson, Jill Soloway and Greta Gerwig

The actresses hosted Monday's shopping event at Barneys New York Beverly Hills with 'Transparent's' Jill Soloway.

For the last few years, Barneys Beverly Hills has gotten much more intertwined with the Hollywood social scene, hosting a number of chic dinners for designers. On Monday night, Barneys New York teamed up with UTA, as they did for a Paris Photo event a few months, to host a night of shopping and cocktails to benefit Women in Film.

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UTA's Jeremy Zimmer and his wife, Marisa; UTA's Rena Ronson and Blair Kohan, indie producer Jessica Elbaum, Rich Kids of Beverly Hill's Roxy Sowlaty, manager Joanne Horowitz (Kevin Spacey, Scott Eastwood), and lots of other industry shoppers were among those attending the Women in Film event. Perfect timing, too, as the pre-fall collections are now lining the store. A percentage of sales went to support WIF, which the evening's hosts Greta Gerwig, Diane Kruger and Emmy-nominated showrunner Jill Soloway (Amazon's Transparent) totally support.

"Women in Film is something I care very deeply about," said indie darling Gerwig, who was in a long diaphanous white and green Band of Outsiders gown. "My agent at UTA, Rena Ronson, told me about this and while I'm mostly in New York, I am sometimes here in L.A., and I said I would be honored to do this. I mean, I attended Barnard College for women!"

Gerwig, who typically has a shoulder-length 'do, attended the event with a chic bob. "I was done with a movie so I had the freedom to do it," Gerwig told The Hollywood Reporter. "I was always a long-haired person who felt like a short-haired person."

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Kruger went in a very different direction with her look, donning a matching black-and-white Giambattista Valli resort 2016 top and pants, and a mismatched Giambattista black-and-white jacket. With it, she added a tiny black Chanel bag encrusted in tiny pearls. As always, her look sent "ooohs" and "ahhhhs" through the crowd. And with this crowd, that isn't easy.