Diane von Furstenburg Heads to LA for First GapKids Launch


The designer is lending her talents to baby and children's clothes, with the little ones giving the collection a catwalk kickoff over the weekend.

These days, even babies are demanding to be chic. After all, think of the competition.

You can't go to the park or preschool or hang with your mom at Starbucks in any old onesies or overalls these days. If you're a baby, your clothes reflect your parents' taste. You can't let them down. But luckily, Diane von Furstenburg for GapKids is coming.

Every chic parent is going to want to get to GapKids as soon as the Diane von Furstenburg for GapKids collection launches -- and if you live in LA, that would be this Saturday, March 3, from 2 to 4pm at the Grove GapKids at Fairfax and Third Street.

For the world premiere shopping event, von Furstenburg herself will be in town, as will some celebrity moms with their kids, and celebs aunts who also need to buy gifts!

Will there be little wrap dresses in jersey for girls? Somehow, we think there could be -- in pink, of course.

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