Diane Warren reflects on her work<br />

Busy songwriter Diane Warren doesn't have a lot of time for reflection outside the recording studio, but here are a few of her thoughts on past work.

Rhythm of the Night

"That was performed by DeBarge for the movie 'The Last Dragon' (1985), and it was the first big hit I'd written by myself. What I remember most was I'd just gotten my first drum machine -- a LinnDrum. I was excited about that, so the song came out of playing with a new toy."

There You'll Be

"That was sung by Faith Hill in 'Pearl Harbor' (2001). It's the hardest movie song I've done, mainly because (the film's producer) Jerry Bruckheimer wanted it rewritten a lot. It was a long and difficult process, but he pointed it in the right direction. There's always something that's difficult about each song, but it's worth struggling to get it right."

Because You Loved Me

"I wrote that for 'Up Close & Personal' (1996), and it's one of my favorite songs because I think when I wrote it I went to another level of writing. The song was a way to thank my dad for believing in me. He's the one who bought me my first subscription to Billboard when I was 14."

Blame It on the Rain

"Milli Vanilli. Wow. I'm proud of that song, and whoever sang it sang it really well. It's kind of a soul song, and it has a cool key change where my hand just slipped on the keyboard and went up a half step in the middle of the verse. It makes no sense, but I loved doing it."