Dianna Agron Takes Sick Day From ‘Glee’

Tonsillitis halts production; healthy cast members Tweet about their unexpected day off.

What is a musical to do when some of its biggest stars have a sore throat? Call in the understudies? When it comes to Fox's hit show Glee, it means the healthy cast members get an extra day off too.

Production on the show was canceled on Friday because some members of fictional New Directions glee club were diagnosed with tonsillitis, reports Entertainment Weekly. Dianna Agron, who plays the show's head cheerleader, was among the ill, tweeting, "Note to self…should have gotten a flu shot. In bed, hoping that medicine, soup, my computer and a marathon of movies will be the cure."

Lea Michele was in higher spirits, tweeting, "What a beautiful relaxing day! Went on an awesome hike and just [got] a massage! So happy it's the weekend!" Meanwhile, Mark Salling hit the green instead of the chorus room. "Nothing like a little golf on an unexpected day off," he tweeted.

Glee was planning to shoot a large production number for the post-Super Bowl episode on location Friday, according to EW. While production of the show will resume Monday, the cast won't break into song and dance on this particular routine until January.