Dianne Feinstein Wins California Senate Race

Dianne Feinstein - Senate Confirmation Hearing - Getty - H 2018
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The longtime California senator has earned a fifth full term in the Senate.

Dianne Feinstein has won the race for California senator against challenger Kevin de Leon, according to multiple sources.

The New York Times showed Feinstein with 53.8 percent of the state's vote and de Leon with 46.2 percent hours after the polls closed in California. The win means Feinstein, 85, will have a fifth term.

Though Feinstein has served in the Senate continuously since 1992 and is considered an effective across-the-aisle negotiator, she faced widespread criticism during the confirmation process for now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Feinstein was the first lawmaker to receive a letter from accuser Christine Blasey Ford about Kavanaugh's alleged sexual misconduct, a letter postmarked in July. Feinstein did not notify the FBI of the letter until September, after the Senate Judiciary Committee had finished its nomination hearings for Kavanaugh.

Blasey Ford also wished to remain anonymous: Her identity was eventually leaked to the media.

Feinstein won first place in the California primary and ended up challenging another Democrat, de Leon, due to California's primary system, which allows the top two candidates to move onto the general election.

Before serving in the Senate, Feinstein was San Francisco's mayor and unsuccessfully ran for governor.