Dick Cheney's Book: What Hollywood Is Saying

Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

Comedians, actors and activists take to Twitter to react to the former VP's exploding head-worthy revelations in his memoir, "In My Time."

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has been been promising that the revelations in his book, In My Time, would see "heads exploding all over Washington."

Now that the book is out, there are certainly people upset in Washington, most notably Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who went on CBS' Face the Nation and said Cheney was taking "cheap shots." Powell is one of the people criticized in Cheney's book.

But how are people in Hollywood -- the Washington, D.C. for pretty people -- reacting?

Comedian Michael Ian Black, formerly of The State and Stella, tweeted "Dick Cheney looks surprisingly good for somebody who will probably be dead in two years."

Late Night host Jimmy Fallon worked the VP into his monologue, saying "Dick Cheney said his memoir will have 'heads exploding.' Especially if you read it while you're on a hunting trip with Cheney."

Comedian Albert Brooks wrote, "Just read Dick Cheney's new book. I was water bored out of my mind."

Comedian and writer Frank Coniff, better known as TV's Frank from the cult hit series Mystery Science Theater 3000 tweeted, "The vicious gossip & petty backstabbing in draft dodger Dick Cheney's book is the closest he's ever come to actual combat."

Fellow MST3K alumnus Josh Weinstein, who played the puppet Tom Servo, tweeted, "The most shocking revelation in Dick Cheney's book is that there's actually something he's withheld saying.

Actor John Cusack re-tweeted a call to action by Amnesty International to disrupt Cheney's planned Today show appearance on Tuesday morning. His only comment was "love this." The protesters were seen briefly during outside shots, flashing their signs.

Bianca Jagger, former model and Mick Jagger ex and current human rights advocate, re-tweeted Amnesty International's announcement and urged them, "Make sure you catch him during his book tour."

Firefly actor Alan Tudyk tweeted, "Dick Cheney is 70 years old. I bet he doesn't smell like a typical old person. I imagine him smelling like metal, gasoline and crime."

And though he is not of Hollywood, former Bush White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer couldn't resist a good movie reference in his Twitter reaction, "Cheney & Powell rehashing differences reminds me of old Godzilla v King Kong movies. Of course, not saying which 1 is which."