Dick Clark Productions Plans Memory Test TV Show

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DCP president Mike Mahan and CEO Allen Shapiro

They have joined with the World and USA Memory Championships for an event featuring "mental athletes" in "the greatest test of memory in the world."

Here’s a show to remember.

Dick Clark Productions has made a deal with the British-based World Memory Championships and the USA Memory Championships to produce a television special based on what it says will be "the greatest test of memory in the world."

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"The production will combine the enormous wow factor of watching these mental athletes perform with unique challenges for home audiences, creating a heart-pounding family-friendly event special," said DCP president Mike Mahan.

The most recent World Memory Championships were held in London in 2013, with entrants from 32 countries. Some 120 "mental athletes" participated in 10 events over three days.

The World Memory Championships were founded in 1991. The USA Memory Championship was started in 1997 by Tony Dottino. The 17th annual event took place in New York in March.

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The executive producers will include Mahan, Allen Shapiro, Barry Adelman, Richard Kaufman, Lynn Williams and Raymond Keene. Marshall Tarley and Dottino from the USA Memory Championship will be co-executive producers.

There is no network deal in place yet.

Dick Clark Productions and The Hollywood Reporter are both owned by affiliates of Guggenheim Partners.