Dick Gregory to Be Subject of New Documentary

Dick Gregory - H 2015
Courtesy of Indie PR

Dick Gregory - H 2015

Andre Gaines will direct the film, which he hopes to finance through a newly launched Kickstarter campaign.

Comedian and activist Dick Gregory will be the subject of a new documentary, Dick Gregory: How to Survive in America, that director Andre Gaines plans to fund through a newly launched Kickstarter campaign that is looking to raise $200,000.

The documentary will focus on the 83-year-old comedian and human rights activist and solutions to problems like racism, police brutality and civil rights that Gregory has addressed during the course of his work. Gregory, who is participating in the film and will serve as an executive producer, will take the filmmakers to meetings with victims of injustice, their families and community organizers. “This is more than just a film, it’s a movement,” Gregory said in a statement. "What you’re going to see in this film is information. Education is not power and money is not power. Information is power. The time is now. We have no more time. If we think we do, I say ‘have fun, and have fun now, because recess is just about over.’ The time is now.” 

Gaines, executive director of Brazilian Western and Ladder to Damascus, will direct, with Michele Farinola (Foo Fighters: Back and Forth, Undefeated) producing.

“We are financing this film through Kickstarter because Mr. Gregory’s mission is about uplifting communities,” Gaines said. “He has been such a powerful force for good that it was only fitting we rally these very communities and his fans to help finance the project. Kickstarter allows us to freely and honestly tell our story and share Mr. Gregory’s mission with the help of the communities he serves.” 

Gregory rose to national prominence in the 1960s when he broke with his appearances on The Tonight Show with Jack Paar and also became active in the Civil Rights movement. His first autobiography, Nigger, was published in 1963 and sold more than seven million copies.

Maintaining his commitment to social activism, he was arrested, along with George Clooney, for demonstrating outside the Sudanese Embassy about the humanitarian crisis in Sudan in March, 2012. In June, 2013, he participated in the 50th anniversary Freedom March. And on Feb.  2 of this year, he was presented with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.