Did Scott Foley Almost Drop a Big 'Scandal' Spoiler? Discuss.

Scott Foley Jimmy Kimmel - H 2014

Scott Foley Jimmy Kimmel - H 2014

Just finish that sentence, Scott

Shonda Rhimes' actors are known for being very tight-lipped about their shows, careful to not give away any details that could be considered spoilers. Scandal's Scott Foley was seemingly no different during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday — unless you were watching him like a stalker closely.

(Slight spoilers ahead if you haven't seen the Oct. 23 episode of Scandal.)

It all started with Foley talking about whether or not his character, Jake, is a good guy and how he's being wrongfully accused of killing President Fitz's son. "So I've been put in prison, the president has beat me up trying to get a confession out of me," he said. "That happens. But I still get to — " and then he stops for a moment before rephrasing his sentence. "Well, before this I was still kissing the girl, which is what matters right?"

"But I still get to" what!? What was going to come after those words? It could easily have been something non-spoilery like, "But I still get to taunt Fitz with everything I did with Olivia while on a gorgeous tropical island" or "But I still get to go back to my happy place at a moment's notice." These are all things Jake has done. 

However, it could also just as easily been, "But I still get to kiss Olivia," as in present tense. As in, this is something Foley has already filmed but realized — just in the nick of time — he couldn't reveal because that episode hasn't aired yet. Why else would he stop himself, and then immediately reference "kissing the girl"?

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I may be making an Olivia and Jake–shaped mountain out of a molehill — and incurring Olitz-shippers' wrath in the process — but nevertheless it's fun to imagine what Foley could have said as we wait to see how this plays out in the coming weeks.

So I invite you to finish Foley's sentence in the comments with whatever you think he was going to say. "But I still get to have conjugal visits with Olivia." (OK, that last one is desperately reaching, but whatever.)

Foley also talked about his upcoming (real-life) baby. He said Jake is "not at all" in prison so that the actor could have more time off, which might be tiring for Foley but good news for Jake fans. (Is there a clue in this too somehow? Maybe. There's clues everywhere if you see the world through Jake-colored glasses.)

Either way, it's fun to watch Scott Foley talk about anything. Enjoy and then get to commenting.

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