Dido Names First Child After Eminem Collaboration

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The British singer revealed gave birth to a son, Stanley, earlier in 2011 -- more than a decade after the chart-topping duet.

"Stan" wasn't the most balanced guy.

The titular protagonist of Emimen and Dido's 2000 duet killed himself and his pregnant girlfriend, but seeing as how he was a work of fiction, it makes sense that Dido would name her child after the chart-topping tune.

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The 40-year-old British singer gave birth to a son, Stanley, in July of 2011, reports the UK's Daily Mail. She and husband Rohan Garvin welcomed their firstborn at London's Portland Hospital over five months ago but took the holidays as the opportunity to officially announce the birth.

"I wanted to wish you all a very happy Christmas," Dido posted to Twitter on Dec. 24. "I'm ridiculously excited about Stanley's first Christmas this year!"

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Dido's expected motherhood wasn't ever a secret, though. The singer had been scheduled to perform at the 2011 Oscars, where her 127 Hours collaboration with A.R. Rahman was nominated for best song, until her pregnancy prevented her from making the trip to Los Angeles.

Dido's 1999 debut album, No Angel, went on to sell over 21 million copies worldwide. It included the song "Thank You," which Eminem sampled for the chorus of "Stan."