Diesel Will No Longer Work With Terry Richardson

Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Getty Images

The photographer shot the brand's 2016 "Successful Living" fall campaign.

Another fashion brand is cutting ties with Terry Richardson. 

Diesel will no longer work with the photographer, according to a statement given by the company to The Daily Beast, which reads, "I can confirm to you that we are not collaborating with Terry Richardson for the Diesel campaign, and also that we don't have plans to work with him." Richardson has been accused of sexual harassment and assault by models since as early as 2010; however, he has consistently denied that any of his interactions were nonconsensual or coerced. 

Richardson worked with Diesel in 2016, when he photographed its fall "For Successful Living" campaign, which featured more than 49 photos with motivational phrases accompanying each image (some of which were more provocative than others). 

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the fashion industry has taken an inward look at its own issues with harassment and abuse. Yesterday, an email leaked to The Telegraph showed that Conde Nast International was no longer using the photographer for projects across its titles, which include international editions of Vogue and GQ. In response to the reports, a representative for Richardson reiterated that the photographer believed all of his interactions to be consensual.

Valentino, which most recently hired Richardson to photograph its resort 2018 campaign, stated yesterday that it, too, would no longer work with the 52-year-old; Burlgari, H&M, Target and Aldo have also vowed in the past not to work with Richardson.