DIFF makeup workshop outlines looks



DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- Budding film makeup artists were shown how to apply makeup for the movies during a master class held Friday by M.A.C senior artist Tiffany Johnston. During the live demonstration, Johnston showed aspiring filmmakers how to create a period look.

She advised would-be artists that research is key. "Just make sure you know what the roots of the look are and that you know where it's come from," she said. "Google Images is great for researching."

Johnston said Madonna was indirectly responsible for M.A.C's long association with celebrities and the film industry.

"Madonna fell in love with a 'Russian Red' lipstick in the 1980s, and that really put M.A.C on the map; it made M.A.C a celebrity choice and the choice for makeup artists. There are a few films at DIFF that M.A.C has worked on, including 'Things We Lost in the Fire' and 'Married Life.' makeup for film is very different for film than every day. For film, you're doing it to pull the character out of that person."

"M.A.C has been at DIFF from the very beginning," said artist relations manager Shelley Hancock, speaking about the cosmetic giant's long history with the film industry. "Perhaps the biggest difference between makeup for Arab films and Western films is that Arab makeup doesn't necessarily change as much with the decades as it does with the culture. Here, I've seen everything from that really elongated Egyptian eye to the brows being really close-knit, whereas in Western or North American film, everything is rooted in the historical period."

The company regularly holds workshops and seminars at film festivals around the world. "We link between M.A.C and the film community, providing them with products," Hancock said.