DVD slowdown

Not only is consumer spending on DVDs down, but the pace of new releases also continues to slow. The first four months of the year saw 3,805 new DVDs come to market, down 14.7% from the total in the first four months of 2006, according to the "DVD Release Report." Nielsen VideoScan previously reported that consumer spending on DVD purchases in the first quarter was off nearly 8% from the comparable quarter last year.

MGM strips down

MGM Home Entertainment is going for the shock factor. The studio is releasing new DVD editions of some of its most scandalous fare, including "The Happy Hooker DVD Collection" and "Showgirls: Fully Exposed Edition." Both releases street July 17; the "Happy Hooker" set includes the original 1975 film and its two sequels.

WHV touchdown

On the eve of training camp, Warner Home Video is releasing DVDs spotlighting the two contenders in this year's Super Bowl. "NFL Indianapolis Colts: Road to XLI" is a four-disc set chronicling the winning team's season, with all three playoff games as well as the big game in their entirety. "Chicago Bears NFC Championship" is a single disc documenting the team's 2006 season, from training camp through its dominating performance against the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship Game.

THX in 'Labyrinth'

"Pan's Labyrinth" is the first European HD-DVD to be THX-certified and the only live-action HD-DVD release in the world to win the trusted stamp of approval for superior audio and visual quality. The film was released on HD-DVD in France by Wild Side Video.