Digest: Amazon holiday sales strong


Shares of Amazon.com rose more than 2% on Wednesday to $92.85 after the company said the 2007 gift-giving season was its strongest ever. On Dec. 10, its busiest day during the Christmas season, the online retailer said shoppers ordered more than 5.4 million items, or 62.5 items per second, about 35% better than the comparable day last year. The company also said it was selling 17 of Nintendo's Wii video game systems per second when they had them in stock. Top DVD sellers included "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" and "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End."

Apple briefly tops $200
Shares of Apple hit the $200 mark for the first time Wednesday -- though they retreated by the session's end -- as investor confidence in the company continued rising near the end of what has been a strong year for the iPod and computer maker. Apple shares have traded between $76.77 and $199.33 in the past year, rising steadily on the popularity of the iPhone and a refreshed line of iPods, updating its flash-based Nano model to one that can play videos, and introducing the iPod Touch, which is much like an iPhone without cellular calling capabilities. Apple shares ended fractionally higher Wednesday at $198.95.