Digest: 'Stooges' bow; Bates: Miss 'Misery'


HD adoption wavers

New consumer research from Warner Home Video suggests that the format war between Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD isn't hurting adoption as much as one might think. Nearly half of consumers (48%) cited indifference as the key reason they are unlikely to buy a high-def disc player, while 31% cited price. The fact that there are two rival formats on the market was only cited by 21% of consumers, and of those, more than half put the format war on par with high hardware prices.

'Stooges' bow

All 19 shorts from the Three Stooges' first three years at Columbia Pictures are being released Oct. 30 on DVD by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. "The Three Stooges Collection Volume One: Years 1-3" includes every two-reeler the celebrated comedy team appeared in between 1934-36, chronologically organized by initial release date and restored from the original negatives. Titles include "Punch Drunks," the only short the Stooges wrote, and "Pardon My Scotch," the first Stooges short to use "Listen to the Mockingbird" as its theme song.

Bates: Miss 'Misery'

MGM Home Entertainment is preparing a collector's edition of the Stephen King horror classic "Misery" for an Oct. 2 release, with the sort of extras generally reserved for a new theatrical release or treasured classic. "Misery: Collector's Edition" includes two feature commentaries, one from director Rob Reiner and the other from screenwriter William Goldman; interviews with star Kathy Bates; and no fewer than seven featurettes, five of them having to do with stalkers.

'Little Rock' streets

The HBO documentary "Little Rock Central High: 50 Years later," about the Arkansas high school that in 1957 became the flash point of public school desegregation, will be released Oct. 30 on DVD, a month after its Sept. 25 HBO network premiere. The docu from filmmakers Brent and Craig Renaud includes an interview with one of the original "Little Rock Nine," a group of black students denied admission to the school by an angry mob of whites.