Digital guru joins Lowry


Veteran motion picture technologist and Oscar winner Gary Demos is bringing his expertise to restoration business Lowry Digital.

Demos has been named senior algorithm scientist at Lowry, acquired in April by Reliance Big Entertainment. The firm develops and uses image-processing technology for film restoration; enhancement of moving pictures for current productions and Blu-ray Disc preparation; and image recovery and repair.

Demos received the 2006 Gordon E. Sawyer Award for lifetime technical achievement from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

From the mid-1970s until 1981, Demos was a scientist at Information International, where he helped develop high-speed film scanners and recorders on movies like "Tron."

In 1981, he co-founded Digital Prods., which pioneered the use of a Cray supercomputer for creating digital visual effects on films like "2010." In 1988, Demos formed DemoGraFX, where he worked on higher-resolution imagery.

Demos and his colleagues earned Technical Achievement Awards from the Academy in 1985 for breakthroughs in CGI, in 1995 for work with digital film scanning and in 1996 for advancements in digital film compositing. (partialdiff)
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