Digital Veterans Launch UNCMMN Management Firm

Stephanie Piza and Carla Vionette Santiago - Publicity - H 2019
Courtesy of UNCMMN

Stephanie Piza and Carla Vionette Santiago will lead the firm, which will focus on representing diverse talent.

Two digital veterans have struck out on their own with a new management and entertainment partnerships firm. 

Stephanie Piza and Carla Vionette Santiago have launched UNCMMN with investment from Charles D. King's Macro and will focus on representing diverse and disruptive talent.  

Piza, who will run the talent team, brings with her clients including Jay Versace, known for his impersonations; Joanne the Scammer, the alter ego of comedian Branden Miller; and JC Caylen, the actor known for Hulu series t@gged. In her role, the co-founder will work to secure endorsements, licensing and consumer products deals, live events appearances and film and TV roles for UNCMMN's clients. 

Prior to founding UNCMMN, Piza was a talent manager at Flip Management. She began her career at CAA and also worked at digital-centric firm Big Frame. 

"Talent representation has changed drastically since the rise of social media," Piza said in a statement. "Social media has become a part of our daily routines and in turn, so has watching the creators we follow online. These talented artists, creators and entertainers are powerfully influencing culture and have become the new wave of celebrity." 

She continued, "At UNCMMN we believe you need a social presence and an engaged audience to maintain a career in the new Hollywood. Not only are more and more studios and networks seeking talent with an online presence but veteran entertainers are now investing their time into social media, reinventing themselves and captivating a larger audience than some have ever had. UNCMMN will bridge the gap between digital and traditional." 

Santiago will run UNCMMN's partnerships team, working on film, TV and live event experiences for brands and agencies that seek a connection with a multicultural audience. She co-founded UNCMMN after nearly two years at United Entertainment Group, where she oversaw digital partnerships and worked with clients such as Toyota, Doritos and SC Johnson. She has also worked on digital brand partnerships at CAA and EQAL. 

"In a diverse and fragmented world, where audiences skip ads and second screen while streaming, it's not enough for brands to get 'views' — they have to capture attention," Santiago said. "At UNCMMN we take a data-driven, audience-first approach to partnerships. We know that in today's culture, mainstream audiences deeply engage with content and storytellers who represent the true makeup of society. Understanding that diverse and inclusive voices provide authentic, engaging and relevant content, we have focused our efforts on building holistic content and social and experiential opportunities for brands around exceptional creators."

UNCMMN has staffed up with Desiree Ansari, who joins the team from Blended Strategy Group as a talent coordinator; and Britton Hardin, a partnerships manager who was previously at WME.