Digital wave moves TV jobs


Turnover among staffers in the global television industry reached a high of 31% in 2007, fueled by growth in new digital platforms and in-creased opportunities, according to new research from Informa Media & Telecoms.

Elite staff levels were the most likely to stay put, with turnover levels at 21.3%, while executives most likely to move jobs came from the intermediate category, including administrative staff and junior-level positions, where turnover topped 38%.

The survey of almost 12,000 television executives worldwide reviewed the work patterns of executives across broadcast networks, cable channels, producers, distributors and pay TV platforms.

It showed that executives working for broadcasters and channels had the highest turnover by genre, with more than a third (35.1%) quitting their jobs last year, while technology providers reported the lowest level of change at 20%.

Geographically, North America and Western Europe were top of the league, with turnover rates of 35.3% and 34.3%, respectively, while Africa and the Middle East reported the lowest rates of turnover, at 21.2% and 23.5%.

"The changes seem to have been prompted by the increasing rise of digital TV," said report author Adam Thomas, pointing out that 60 million homes worldwide changed from analog to digital during 2007.

"This unprecedented level of transformation leaves the broadcast industry desperate for expertise across the business; whether it be technical skills for technology providers, or creative brilliance to help fill the increasing number of digital channels that need compelling content," Thomas said.