Diller on IAC: It's splitsville in 3 months


Now that his legal feud with John Malone and Liberty Media has ended, Barry Diller said Wednesday that he expects that the carving up of IAC/InterActiveCorp into five separate companies will be completed in August.

Once HSN, Lending Tree, Ticketmaster and the real estate time-share business are split from Ask.com and the other faster-growing businesses, IAC can "grow over 50% in this '08 or '09 year," Diller said.

Diller, speaking at the Goldman Sachs Internet Conference in Las Vegas, referenced Malone's attempt to prevent the breakup of IAC only briefly. "We announced this in December," he said. "We had a slight interruption that some of you might have heard about. But that's over now."

Later at the same conference, Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei didn't talk about IAC except to dismiss speculation that Liberty's QVC would be interested in merging with HSN. (partialdiff)