Dimension gets rights to horror pic 'Storm'


NEW YORK -- Dimension Films acquired all North American, Australian and New Zealand rights to the horror flick "Storm Warning."

The film, which combines elements of "Deliverance" and "Straw Dogs," follows a husband and wife on a fishing trip gone very wrong. When they're captured by deranged locals, the wife fights back in a gory battle that director Jamie Blanks ("Urban Legend") delivers with vivid prosthetic and digital effects.

Dimension execs bought "Warning" from Arclight division Darclight based on a screening of post-production footage. The film, shot in Melbourne, Australia, is scheduled for completion in May and tentatively set for theatrical release next year.

"It's pretty full-on in terms of its violence, with a more heightened reality than 'Wolf Creek,'" said producer Gary Hamilton, one of several "Creek" creators on the film. Peter Ford also produced, and Martin Fabinyi, Michael Gudinski, Greg Sitch and Mark Pennell served as execitive producers.

Nadia Feres, Robert Taylor, John Brumpton, David Lyons and Mathew Wilkinson round out the cast of "Warning," which was written by Everett De Roche.

Weinstein Co. executive vp business and legal affairs Andrew Kramer and executive vp acquisitions and co-productions Michelle Krumm negotiated the deal on behalf of Dimension Films with Darclight Films managing director Gary Hamilton and president of international sales Jonathan Deckter.