'2016: Obama's America' Filmmaker Caught in Sex Scandal

Dinesh D'souza Headshot - P 2012
Ben Hider/Getty Images

Dinesh D'souza Headshot - P 2012

The Evangelical Christian conservative and "Obama's America 2016" filmmaker was caught between two marriages.

Dinesh D'Souza, the influential conservative author and filmmaker behind the hit film 2016: Obama's America, has been caught in an unusual sex-and-marriage scandal.

The president of the evangelical King's College, D'Souza told various people at a speech he made in North Carolina on September 28 that he was engaged to a woman named Denise Odie Joseph II, who was accompanying him on the trip. He was, he told people, divorcing from his wife.

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However, according to the Christian publication World Magazine, D'Souza did not file for divorce until October 4, according to records in San Diego County, California.

King's College chairman Andy Mills, the magazine reports, has long known about D'Souza's marriage troubles, and the university began an investigation once news of the engagement leaked out. D'Souza has suspended his engagement as a result.

D'Souza's 2016 film has made $33.5 million at the box office thus far, and it is set to be screened at churches across the country, despite a potential IRS violation.