Dini to animate 'Gatchaman' screenplay


HONG KONG -- Paul Dini has been hired by Hong Kong's Imagi Animation Studio to work on the screenplay for the upcoming "Gatchaman," based on the 1970s animated Japanese TV series.

Dini ("Lost") is the latest U.S. hire for the studio behind "TMNT," Imagi co-CEO and chief creative officer Francis Kao said Friday. In addition to his experience on numerous animated series, Dini is currently working on DC Comics' weekly series "Countdown."

"His extensive background in animation and superhero comics will contribute greatly to this ambitious action movie," Kao said.

This experience includes episodes of TV series "Batman," "Justice League," "Batman Beyond" and "Superman."

"(Gatchaman) will be very true to the Japanese source material. As a studio, Imagi is constantly breaking the boundaries of animated adventure. It's a great environment for a writer with a rather dark take on animation," said Dini.

"TMNT," which brought Imagi into the limelight earlier this year, debuted in the No. 1 position in the U.S. boxoffice when it opened in March with $25.5 million in ticket sales.