'Dinner' served inaugural THR Award at Cologne fest

Haggis, Corbijn, Hollinger earn nods

"Das perfekte Dinner" (The Perfect Dinner), a cooking show in which five amateur chefs compete to be crowned the ultimate dinner party host, has won the Cologne Conference's inaugural Hollywood Reporter Award for best new international television format.

The show, a German adaptation of Channel 4's "Come Dine With Me," is co-produced by Cologne channel Vox together with the U.K.'s Granada and has been a massive success on German television, regularly achieving a 15% market share.

The €10,000 ($14,000) prize will be presented to the show's producers Stefan Oelze, Uwe Schlindwein, Katja Reiger and Kai Sturm at a gala ceremony in Cologne on Friday night as part of the film and TV festival.

The award, sponsored by The Hollywood Reporter and parent the Nielsen Co., is the first in Germany to honor television formats, which play an increasingly important role in the local TV industry.

Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis receives another inaugural award, the Cologne Film Prize. The new lifetime achievement award is sponsored by the city of Cologne and state film subsidy body Filmstiftung NRW.

Haggis was honored for both his films and his TV work. "The Black Donnellys," the Irish mafia series Haggis developed for NBC, is screening as part of the Cologne Conference's official selection.

Photographer-turned-director Anton Corbijn won the coveted TV Speilfilm Prize for his debut feature, "Control" about the short life of U.K. singer Ian Curtis, founder of the band Joy Division.

German director Hannah Hollinger won the screenplay award for the script to her telefilm about euthanasia, "Zeit zu leben" (Time to Live).

The 14th annual Cologne Conference runs through Oct. 2.