Director Hannes Stoehr names five Berlin hot spots


Location: Klosterstrasse 44, Mitte

WMF started as a squatters' collective before rising to legend status in the 1990s as its techno DJs became world-renowned. The club itself was famous for being bumped from venue to venue and reinventing itself with every move."I saw (Berlin techno group) Moderat last year in the new WMF," Stoehr says. "Great show. WMF is a classic."

Maria am Ostbahnhof
Location: Stralauer Platz 34/35, An der

Schillingbruecke, Friedrichshain
Accessed through a hole in the fence and across a desolate stretch of land, Maria looks like an abandoned bunker. Until you get inside, where the industrial grunge is tempered with flash lighting and decor and some of the best live music in Berlin. "Owner Ben de Biel always discovers new talents in his club and programs a good mixture of electro, punk and trash," Stoehr says. "Even the bouncers are friendly."

Location: Rudersdorfer Strasse 7, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Friedrichshain

Berlin's premier techno club, housed in a former power plant near the Berlin Ostbahnhof train station. The factory feel is deliberate. The 60-foot-high dance floor fits 1,500 and is usually packed with hardcore hedonists. Berghain bouncers, though are legendary for their contempt of tourists. "Enough has been said about Berghain," Stoehr says. "The only problem may be the bouncers."

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Location: Alexanderstraße 5, Mitte

Come for music, stay for the view. Perched on the 13th floor of one of Berlin's few high-rises, the Weekend Club offers a jaw dropping panoramic view of Berlin. "Enjoy the view over Berlin's Alexanderplatz with some good electronic music," Stoehr says.

Location: Ritterstr 24, Kreuzberg

Opening hours: Saturday, starting at 11 p.m
Club sampler: The only West Berlin club to make the top five, Ritterbutzke is a three-story behemoth featuring different musical styles (techno, electronic, '60s funk, etc.) on every floor. "If you want to enjoy the evening without so many tourists, Ritterbutzke is worth a look in Kreuzberg," Stoehr says.