Director Joe Carnahan: How I Knew 'We Blew It' With 'The A-Team'

Helmer says he hopes the film, which underwhelmed this summer at the box office, will reach more viewers on home video.

This summer's The A-Team remake had a top-name cast and was based on a hit series, but the film managed to gross only $77 million at the domestic box office.

Now, director Joe Carnahan tells the Wall Street Journal why he knew it wasn't going to be a hit.

“If I had a nickel for every time someone, especially women, came up to me and said they were dragged to the film but ended up liking it,” Carnahan said of the moviestarring Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper. “That’s how you know you blew it. And we blew it."

As for a sequel to the film, Carnahan said that depends on how well the title does on home video, where he's hoping it'll find a bigger audience.

"We kind of fell victim to a marketing misstep in that there wasn’t necessarily an understanding of what the show was," he said. "We didn’t do an adequate enough job of telling people what the movie was, if you know what I mean."

Next, Carnahan reteams with Neeson for the survival thriller The Grey, which coincidentally was originally slated to star Cooper before the actor dropped out because of scheduling conflicts.