Director seeks to retract plea


More than a year after pleading guilty to making false statements to an FBI agent, "Die Hard" director John McTiernan has filed court papers seeking to withdraw the plea.

McTiernan filed the motion Monday in Los Angeles federal court, the same day he was scheduled to be sentenced for his role in the wiretapping investigation into former celebrity sleuth Anthony Pellicano.

In April 2006, a somber McTiernan stood before Judge Dale Fischer and became the highest-profile figure to plead guilty in the ongoing investigation.

At the time, McTiernan, who had been indicted, said he knowingly denied to FBI agents that he had knowledge of Pellicano's wiretapping abilities.

McTiernan told the judge he actually had hired Pellicano to wiretap producer Charles Roven in summer 2000.

Roven worked with McTiernan on the 2002's "Rollerball." McTiernan produced and directed the film and Roven was a producer.

But McTiernan's attorney of three weeks, Milton Grimes, said his client should have never pleaded guilty.

"We don't think, based on our preliminary review, he committed a crime and violated federal law," Grimes said. "It didn't appear he told them anything that they relied upon (for their investigation)."

McTiernan is due back in court Sept. 24 for a hearing on the motion.
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