Directors' Fortnight titles unveiled

New artistic director Frederic Boyer announces eclectic lineup

PARIS -- Cam Archer's sophomore film, "Shit Year," starring Ellen Barkin will be among the films screening in the 42nd annual Directors' Fortnight during the Festival de Cannes.

The sidebar's new artistic director, Frederic Boyer, announced the eclectic lineup Tuesday in Paris.

In "Shit Year," Barkin plays a has-been Hollywood actress who has an affair with a much younger actor, played by Luke Grimes. Alistair Banks Griffin will also represent the U.S. in the sidebar with his first feature, "Two Gates of Sleep," starring Brady Corbet, about two brothers who embark on a difficult journey to honor their dying mother's final request.

The Directors' Fortnight will open and close with a French accent this year. Renaud Barret and Florent de la Tullaye's documentary about an orchestra made up of disabled people "Banda Bilili!" was picked as the opening-night film. The sidebar will close with a more glitzy red carpet premiere, Fabienne Berthaud's "Lily Sometimes," starring Diane Kruger and Ludivine Sagnier as sisters dealing with the sudden death of their mother.

While this year's Competition features mainly veteran directors, the Fortnight will introduce audiences to new filmmaking talent as 11 of the 22 helmers selected are first-timers. Also in the first-timer category is the sidebar's new artistic director Boyer, who replaces Olivier Pere in the position. The Directors' Fortnight also boasts a new logo and website this year.

"I wanted to change things up and not take any Sundance films unless they were exceptional," Boyer said in an interview, adding that he felt "no pressure" during his first year on the job. All but one of the 22 films selected will be world premieres.

Boyer called this year's selection "smart, vivacious, surprising, exciting, musical and focused on the world."

British director Alicia Duffy will present her "All Good Children," a psychological thriller shot entirely in France. Duffy is no stranger to the Croisette, having won the short films competition in 2003 and the Cannes Cinefondation competition in 2001. Also adding some female power to the lineup in addition to sidebar closer Berthaud are Brazilian filmmaker Marina Meliande, who co-directed "Joy" with Felipe Braganca, plus young French director Katell Quillevere with her first feature, "Poison Violent." French singer Lio co-stars with young Gallic talent in the story about a 14-year-old girl getting ready for her confirmation ceremony.

Also from France is Jean-Paul Civeyrac's "Des Filles en Noir."

Oliver Stone won't be the only director to bring Wall Street to the Croisette this year. Swiss director Jean-Stephane Bron will shake things up with his third feature, documentary "Cleveland Vs. Wall Street."

France's other neighbor will also be well-represented this year at the Fortnight, with two Belgian titles set to screen: Gust Vandenberghe's directorial feature debut, "Little Baby Jesus of Flandr," and Olivier Masset-Depasse's Belgian-French-Luxembourgian co-production, "Illegal."

Mexico also will be out in force in the sidebar with Michael Rowe's first feature "Ano Bisiesto" and Jorge Michel Grau's "We Are What We Are."

Cannes filmgoers will be able to focus their lenses on Argentinean director Diego Lerman's "The Invisible Eye," an Argentinian-French-Spanish co-production.

Avishai Sivan's "The Wanderer" about a 19-year-old boy from an orthodox family in Israel who sets off on a journey of self-discovery also moseyed into the lineup.

Danish director Christoffer Boe is hoping "Everything Will Be Fine" with his thriller about a film director who flees from a car accident then discovers the man he ran into is harboring a dangerous secret.

Italy's Michelangeloa Frammartino will bring "Le Quattro Volte" and Morocco's Oliver Laxe will accompany his Moroccan-Spanish co-production "Vous etes tous des capitaines." German helmer Philip Koch will present his first film "Picco," a provocative drama about young prisoners in Germany.

Gustavo Hernandez will premiere his Uruguayan horror film "The Silent House," filmed in only four days.

Not a country typically seen in the Cannes selections, Kyrgyzstan might steal the show with Aktan Arym Kubat's "The Light Thief." "This film should attract a lot of attention. It's very political," Boyer said.

Also from a traditionally underrepresented territory is Malaysian film "Tiger Factory" from Woo Ming jin.

Special Screenings will include two documentaries: "Boxing Gym" from American director Frederick Wiseman and American helmer Stephen Kijak's "Stones in Exile" about the making of Rolling Stones' 1972 album "Exile on Main St."

Making his debut in the sidebar's short films category will be Philippe Garrel's son actor Louis Garrel with "Petit Tailleur."

As previously announced, legendary French filmmaker Agnes Varda will receive French directors' organization the SRF's "Carosse d'Or" prize on May 13 during the sidebar's traditional opening-night ceremonies. The Directors' Fortnight sidebar runs May 13-23 in Cannes.

The lineup follows:

Directors' Fortnight
"All Good Children," Alicia Duffy (U.K.)
"Benda Bilili!" Renaud Barret, Florent de la Tullaye (France) (opening film)

"Cleveland Vs. Wall Street," Jean-Stephane Bron (France)
"Des filles en noir," Jean-Paul Civeyrac (France)
"Everything Will Be Fine," Christoffer Boe (Denmark-Sweden-France)
"Illegal," Olivier Masset-Depasse (Belgium-Luxembourg-France)
"The Invisible Eye," Diego Lerman (Argentina-France-Spain)
"Joy," Marina Meliande, Felipe Braganca (Brazil)
"Le quattro volte," Michelangelo Frammartino (Italy-Germany-Switzerland)
"Leap Year," Michael Rowe (Mexico)
"The Light Thief," Aktan Arym Kubat (Kyrgyzstan)
"Lily Sometimes," Fabienne Berthaud (France) (closing film)
"Little Baby Jesus of Flanders," Gust Vandenberghe (Belgium)
"Love Like Poison," Katell Quillevere (France)
"Picco," Philip Koch (Germany)
"Shit Year," Cam Archer (U.S.)
"The Silent House," Gustavo Hernandez (Uruguay)
"Tiger Factory," Woo Ming-jin (Malaysia)
"Todos vos sodes capitans," Oliver Laxe (Morocco-Spain)
"Two Gates of Sleep," Alistair Banks Griffin (U.S.)
The Wanderer," Avishai Sivan (Israel)
"We Are What We Are," Jorge Michel Grau (Mexico)

Special Screenings
"Boxing Gym," Frederick Wiseman (U.S.)
"Stones in Exile," Stephen Kijak (U.K.)

Short-film Program
"Licht," Andre Schreuders (Netherlands)
"Quest," Ionut Piturescu (Romania)
"Mary Last Seen," Sean Durkin (U.S.)
"Petit tailleuer," Louis Garrel (France)
"Shadows of Silence," Pradeepan Raveendra (France)
"Shikasha," Hirabayashi Isamu (Japan)
"A Silent Child," Jesper Klevenas (Sweden)
"Tre ore," Annarita Zambrano (Italy)
"Zed Crew," Noah Pink (Zambia)