The Disappointment of Losing AMC's 'Rubicon'

THR's Tim Goodman had just finished praising the joys of television in the slow lane when AMC canceled the show after one season.

So much for Slow TV, I topic I covered in this week's THR.

On Thursday, AMC canceled Rubicon, a move that wasn't entirely unexpected given that in the key demo of 18-49, the plodding conspiracy thriller pulled in less than half a million viewers. Although the network didn't address specifics, it probably didn't help the chances of Rubicon that a lot of people who liked the series and held on to the end complained about how it was wrapped up.

There was a lot of conspiracy, but not a lot of thrills. And the nature of serialized dramas is that its nearly impossible to grow the audience in the second year without a massive (and expensive) promotional campaign, combined with a lot of good fortune. Disappointing the die-hards could not have helped. But again, it came down to the numbers and they apparently weren't big enough for AMC, which issued this announcement:

"Rubicon gave us an  opportunity to tell a rich and compelling story and we're very proud of the series.  This was not an easy decision, but we are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a phenomenally talented and dedicated team."