Disaster director ready for America

'Haeundae' helmer writing English comedy with Korean story

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BUSAN, South Korea -- Yun Je-Gyun, the writer and director for mega-hit disaster flick "Haeundae," will shoot an English-speaking family adventure using an American cast and Korean CG, the director told The Hollywood Reporter on Sunday.

The story will follow the journey of American kids who encounter spirits from statues of Buddha coming to life, along with other ancient Korean ghosts during their stay at a local temple. The director, who is currently working on the script, compared the style of his new film to "Night at the Museum" and "Jumanji."

"We're looking at the U.S. market as the main target," Yun said. "It will be an opportunity to expand the market for Korean films."

The film will be produced by JK Film, the same company that produced "Haeundae," run by Yun, with an expected budget of around $10 million. As a new experiment, the film's special effects will be fully handled in Korea. The postproduction for "Haeundae" was done by California-based Polygon Entertainment, Mofac Studio and CJ Power Cast in Korea.

"The technology for Korean CG has caught up to about 90% of Hollywood," he said. "The quality shouldn't be much different."

"Haeundae" was released in July, and rocked to fourth place all-time at the Korean boxoffice. The film was later released in China and the U.S.

Yun made his debut as a comedy director with hit films including "Sex Is Zero" (2003) and "My Boss, My Hero" (2001).