Disaster film P2P copy irks CJ, JK

Uploaded 'Haeundae' already downloaded 100,000 times

SEOUL -- “Haeundae,” a mega-hit disaster film by CJ Entertainment and JK Film currently playing in nationwide theaters, was leaked through a file-sharing site over the weekend, prompting the Korean distributors to officially request a police investigation to track down the suspect Monday.

“This is a clear criminal act, which had not only caused great revenue loss, but such an act hinders global development of Korean films, given the film was just released in China and the U.S.,” the company’s release said. “We will take every legal measure necessary to reprimand an individual or an organization involved.” 

The decision, which was announced in a company press release Sunday. However, the statement came as an unusually strong reaction by a local film company in a country where illegal downloading among Internet users has become so prevalent that it was placed on the piracy watch list in 1989 by the U.S. Trade Representative, a status only withdrawn in May.

The company confirmed through its monitoring agency Monday that “Haeundae” was uploaded on a P2P site around Saturday morning, and attracted about 100,000 downloads.

“Haeundae” was released locally on July 22, and sold over 10.47 million tickets.
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