DISCOP East getting under way

About 2,000 attendees expected

MOSCOW -- DISCOP East 2008, the biggest TV content market in Central and Eastern Europe, opens in Budapest for its 18th year Wednesday, with nearly 2,000 participants expected to attend.

Organizers say they anticipate about 500 sellers and 1,300 buyers from 33 countries throughout Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Western companies including BBC World Service, MTV Network International, CBS Paramount International TV, MGM Television and Warner Bros. International TV Distribution will be utilizing the market to liaise with Central and Eastern European clients.

Observers also point to an increase in locally produced content.

"Local production in Central and Eastern Europe is booming," said Helge Kohnen, head of Eastern European affairs at Bavaria Media Television. "Therefore, we are offering not only finished products but also more and more script rights, which enable the producers to adapt successful formats to their local markets."