Discovery, BBC Tracking Rare Tiger in New Special (Exclusive)

'Last Tiger Standing' is set to air Sept. 27

Discovery Channel and BBC are searching for the one of the world’s rarest, most secretive and most endangered animals — the Siberian tiger.

In the new co-production Last Tiger Standing, biologist Liz Bonnin and an international team of scientists take to the Russian wilderness to film a Siberian tiger for the first time in BBC Natural History’s 50-year existence. The special is set to premiere Sept. 25.

During the last several decades, the feral population of the world’s largest cat has dwindled to an estimated 300-350, making it an endangered species that has been seen by fewer scientists in the wild than have traveled to space. The primary causes of its rapid disappearance from the wild are poaching and habitat loss, which is complicated by the fact that these tigers need hundreds of square miles in which to hunt and reproduce.

In order to document the wild tigers’ behaviors and gain a better understanding of what steps must be taken to aid the species’ conservation, the scientists and filmmakers must race against time to videotape the tigers before their remote location and the harsh winter climate puts their own lives in jeopardy. Their plans take a detour, however when they make a shocking discovery in pursuit of one of the reclusive cats — three orphaned cubs quickly change their mission from “observe and report” into all-out rescue.

The Hollywood Reporter has a sneak peek, above.

The news comes on the heels of Discovery's announcement it will be airing another tiger-themed special, Tigress Blood. Last Tiger Standing will air at 10 p.m. Sept. 25, following Tigress Blood (9 p.m.).

Last Tiger Standing is a Discovery Channel/BBC co-production. For BBC, Tim Martin is executive producer with Ted Oakes as series producer. For Discovery, Robert Zakin is executive producer with Jeanine Butler as producer and John Cavanagh as coordinating producer.