Discovery Communications Renames Science Channel

The network – which also has a new logo and on-air look - aims to become “the official home of the Thought Provocateur."

NEW YORK -- Discovery Communications has updated the look and focus of the Science Channel, which will now be known simply as Science.

The network, available in more than 68 million homes, said Tuesday it wants to be "the official home of the Thought Provocateur – the individual who is constantly asking “what if?” and “why not"?"

“I always say that Science is far more provocative than men in white lab coats. It’s for people who look at the world differently,” said Debbie Adler Myers, executive vp and general manager of Science. "We’re not changing the direction of the network; we’re just recruiting a bigger audience to sample the joys of Science.”

The slight name change makes sense, because "Science is more than a channel – it’s a multifaceted, multiplatform community that captures a distinct zeitgeist within our culture," said Myers.

The channel also unveiled a futuristic new on-air look and a new logo called Morph. The network called it "television’s most dynamic and interactivelogo." Representing the willingness to transform current reality, it will be featured in interstitials that will see Morph "continually changing its shape, texture and sound in a manner that will consistently surprise and challenge even the most audacious of imaginations."

The new on-air elements debut on June 8 at 10 p.m. in conjunction with the world premiere of the second season of Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman.

The new look follows new programming this year that has seen Science start to add to its core science content with shows that "feature one foot in the scientific world and the other in pop culture," as the network put it. Such shows include Ricky GervaisA Idiot Abroadand Joss Whedon sci-fi cultclassic Firefly.

The network had its highest-rated quarter ever in primetime across all key demographics in the first quarter.