Discovery, Science Channels Taking In-Depth Look at Coronavirus (Exclusive)

In the special, experts will shed light on the virus' treatment and transmission.

Sibling networks Discovery Channel and Science Channel are taking an in-depth look at the coronavirus as the world grapples with the global pandemic.

Pandemic: Covid-19 will simulcast on both channels at 10 p.m. Wednesday, March 25.

In the one-hour special, experts will shed light on the virus' treatment and transmission, which initially baffled doctors and scientists who first encountered early patients who fell ill. The special will also look at how, within a matter of weeks, it spread throughout China and beyond, alarming health care professionals and scientists.

Viewers will get information about the fight to contain the pandemic with the latest news on how the government is coordinating to test and treat patients, and to prevent further spread. Experts will reveal why the novel coronavirus is unique, why the world was so unprepared for it and what could have been done differently to contain its spread.

The special will also trace the origin of the outbreak in the United States from the first patient, through its rapid spread in Seattle and across the country. Viewers will hear from the leading experts in medicine as well as academia, government officials and patients and doctors on the front lines with first-hand accounts.

Pandemic: Covid-19 also will look at the effects of the drastic mitigation and containment measures across America as institutions, schools and businesses are shut down to prevent transmission. This special will shed insight from those leading the fight to find answers as well as a possible cure.

The special, produced for Science Channel by ITN, will also be available to watch via the Discovery GO app. 

For ITN Productions, executive producers are Ian Russell and Sarah Jane Cohen and producer is Nick Powell. For Discovery and Science Channel, executive producer is Gretchen Eisele.