Disgruntled woman interrupts CCTV5 ceremony


NEW YORK -- A marital dispute captured on video and posted to YouTube interrupted the renaming of China Central Television's sports channel -- CCTV5 -- the Olympics Channel.

Hu Ziwei, the wife of top CCTV5 announcer and sports news department head Zhang Bin -- who late Friday was to introduce Olympic ping pong player Wang Nan -- suddenly appeared onstage and grabbed the microphone, accusing Zhang of having had an affair as well as of smearing the name of both China and next year's summer Olympics, reported John Kennedy of the blog Global Voices Online.

Hu is a host of an Olympics-themed program at rival Beijing TV.

The whole episode was captured by a studio guest's cell phone camera, and the video was posted on YouTube and its homegrown Chinese counterpart, Tudou.com. (See video below)

"It just goes to show what a lovely target those gleaming rings make. It also demonstrates nicely that, no matter how China tries to control Olympic related news and imagery, anyone with a cell phone will be a journalist come August," said a Beijing-based public relations industry insider who blogs under the name Imagethief.