Dish Network's Charlie Ergen 2018 Pay Rises to $3.1 Million

Alex Wong/Getty Images
Charlie Ergen

The billionaire chairman and co-founder of Dish Network made $2.4 million to run the satellite TV service in 2017.

Charlie Ergen, the billionaire chairman and former CEO of Dish Network, took home $3.11 million in total pay for 2018, according to an SEC proxy filing issued Tuesday.

Ergen made $2.4 million for running the satellite TV service in 2017. His base salary was $1 million in 2018, matching what he received in 2017.

The main drivers for his total compensation remain stock options, for which Ergen received $1.36 million in 2018, compared to a year-earlier $654,033. He also received $749,685 in other compensation, just down from $786,021 received in 2017.

Ergen stepped down in December 2017 from his role as CEO of the company he co-founded, and was replaced by Erik Carlson, who was promoted from president and COO. Dish Network in 2018 sustained subscriber losses due to distribution disputes with HBO, which was recently acquired by AT&T, and Univision. 

At the same time, Dish has seen subscriber growth at Sling TV. Carlson’s compensation for 2018 was $5.32 million, compared to total pay of $1.52 million a year earlier.

Carlson received a base salary of $1 million last year, compared to a base salary of $519,231 in 2017. He received no bonus last year, but earned $4.18 million in stock option awards, compared to $654,033 earned in 2017.

The SEC proxy statement also indicated that Thomas Cullen, executive vp corporate development, earned a total pay package of $3.99 million last year, against $1.18 million in 2017.