Dish Network's Charlie Ergen Made $1.3M in Total Compensation in 2012

Dish Networks CEO Joe Clayton Speaking - H 2013
David Becker/Getty Images

Dish Networks CEO Joe Clayton Speaking - H 2013

Executives at the satellite company suffered from no performance-based option awards last year.

Dish Network CEO Joe Clayton didn't get any option awards this past year, compared with more than $9 million worth the previous year.

That brought his total compensation package in 2012 down from a total of about $9.85 million to $907,000. According to an SEC statement filed Friday, Clayton's salary nearly doubled from $467,307 to $900,000, still very much behind most chief executives at major entertainment companies.

As for Dish chairman Charlie Ergen, his salary was up a bit from $750,000 in 2011 to $900,000, bringing his overall compensation to about $1.3 million. The co-founder of the company, Ergen now possesses 88 percent of total voting power at the firm.

The salaries for COO Bernard Han, executive vp corporate development Thomas Cullen and CFO Robert Olson were mostly unchanged, though all three suffered less overall compensation in 2012 because of the absence of option awards.

"Generally, Dish Network’s overall executive compensation trails that of its competitors in the areas of base pay, severance packages and short-term incentives and may be competitive over time in equity compensation," the company said.