Disney, Alibaba Group Sign 'Age of Ultron' Merchandising Deal

The move comes as demand grows in China for genuine movie merchandise.

Walt Disney has teamed up with Alibaba's Tmall.com B2C platform to distribute merchandise from Avengers: Age of Ultron, which opened with a weekday record $33.9 million in China this week.

Merchandise ranging from superhero themed t-shirts, gold pendants, cleaning robots, and special designed cars are available on the e-commerce giant's Tmall.com platform.

"We are pleased to be working with Disney and brands on Tmall to bring genuine movie merchandise to our online consumers," said Sherry Lang, director of co-marketing for Tmall.com. "This marks another effort into further enhancing the collaboration between the participants within our platforms and to also fully utilize the resources we have across Alibaba."

Revenues from movie merchandising have tended to be low in China because of rampant piracy and box office remains the main source of income but China's growing numbers of middle-class consumers are increasingly looking for genuine products.

Tmall.com's Taobao ticketing platform will collaborate with more than 40 premium brands including Audi, Lego, Ecovacs, Hasbro, Li Ning, and others to to bring genuine Avengers merchandise to Chinese consumers.

The move comes as Alibaba's newly installed chief executive, Daniel Zhang, said Alibaba will invest heavily in existing and new ventures abroad, and make moving beyond China's borders a priority.

"We must absolutely globalize," Zhang said in his first speech since taking up his new post this week, carried on Alibaba's news and commentary website, Alizila.