Disney caring for 'Pet Robots'


Walt Disney Pictures has put a leash on "Pet Robots," acquiring the rights to an upcoming graphic novel by Scott Christian Sava that Chris Bender and JC Spink are producing via their Benderspink label.

A high-tech comedy set in the present day, the plot revolves around futuristic robots that fall into the hands of the least likely group of people.

Sava is the founder of Blue Dream Studios, an animation studio that has worked on Saturday morning television shows from the Walt Disney Co., Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. He segued into publishing comics and children's books.

No writer is attached to "Robots" yet.

Benderspink's Jon Silk brought the project in and is co-producing, while the company's Jake Weiner executive produces.

Casey Wolfe is shepherding for Disney.

"Robots" continues Benderspink's recent streak of setting up numerous projects. The company has "The $40,000 Man" and "Party Up" at New Line Cinema, "Fiasco Heights" at Universal Pictures, "Odds" at Warner Bros. Pictures and "Golden Years" at Walt Disney Pictures.