Disney Channel to Celebrate Black History Month With New 'Doc McStuffins' Short Series (Video)

Dr. Aletha Maybank treats young patient Queen Majesty Ruffin.

"We Are Doc McStuffins," a set of interstitials that also will air on Disney Junior, highlights female African-American doctors and their real-life experiences in the medical field.

The Disney Channel will be celebrating Black History Month in February with a new set of interstitials called We Are Doc McStuffins.

The short segments are a spinoff of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, an animated show featuring a young African-American girl who, inspired by her physician mom, sets up a clinic for her stuffed animals and toys in her backyard. 

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The interstitials will feature real-life female African-American physicians, specifically three of the founding members of the "We Are Doc McStuffins" movement: Dr. Myiesha Taylor, an emergency doctor based in Dallas; Dr. Aletha Maybank, a pediatrician in New York City; and Dr. Naeemah Ghafur, a family doctor in Los Angeles.

"Doc McStuffins is a wonderful inspiration and we're pleased to be part of extending Disney Channel's role model message so girls, and most especially African-American girls, can be inspired to pursue a career in medicine," Taylor said.

The “We Are Doc McStuffins” movement was formed after a group of physicians decided they could use the show to inspire its fans -- mainly children ages 2-5 -- to become successful doctors one day. The movement grew and spawned the Artemis Medical Society, an organization of more than 2,500 female African-American physicians and medical students from around the world.

Nancy Kanter, senior vp original programming and general manager at Disney Junior Worldwide, said, "We are tremendously proud of Doc McStuffins and its impact not only with our core audience of kids and parents, but within the medical community as well, and we're pleased to highlight some of those accomplished women physicians."

The first interstitial will air on Disney Channel and Disney Junior on Friday, Feb. 1 at 10:25 a.m. and 4:25 p.m. Additional interstitials featuring the three doctors will continue in the spring and will air regularly on both platforms. Check out a preview below.